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Ubuntu install Virtualbox

Add one of the following lines according to your distribution:

$ sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list

deb natty contrib

deb maverick contrib non-free
deb lucid contrib non-free
deb karmic contrib non-free
deb hardy contrib non-free
deb squeeze contrib non-free
deb lenny contrib non-free

Import Oracle public key:

$ wget -q -O- | 

sudo apt-key add -

Install VirtualBox:

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get -y install virtualbox-4.0 dkms

VirtualBox Extension Pack: Enable USB


Extend VMware hard disk size

VM1 Need to extend C Drive from 40GB to 60GB.
VM1 hardisk is xp.vmdk


1). Add New Hard Disk. 

2). Select xp.vmdk
3). Size is 60GB.
4). Poweron
5). CMD --> diskpart
6). DISKPART -> list disk
-> select disk 1
-> list vol
-> select vol 2
-> extend
7). Poweroff
8). Remove Hard Disk 2

Ubuntu Virtualbox add USB printer

By default in Virtualbox, we cannot add usb printer to host.It show grey when you want to add usb printer.
We need to add user to lp group.

System > Administration > Users and Groups > Unlock > Manage Groups > lp > 

%username% (Check)

Logout and login again.