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I/O error code descriptions

Common values for ASC and ASCQ codes

ASC  ASCQ Description
0x00 0x00 No additional sense
0x00 0x01 Filemark detected
0x00 0x02 End-of-medium detected
0x00 0x03 Setmark detected
0x00 0x04 Beginning of medium
0x00 0x05 End of data
0x00 0x06 I/O process terminated
0x02 0x00 No seek complete
0x03 0x00 Device write fault
0x03 0x01 No write current
0x03 0x02 Excessive write errors
0x04 0x00 Logical unit not ready
0x04 0x01 Becoming ready
0x04 0x02 Not ready, initializing command required
0x04 0x03 Not ready, manual intervention required
0x04 0x04 Not ready, formatting
0x05 0x00 No response to select
0x06 0x00 No reference position found
0x07 0x00 Multiple devices selected
0x08 0x00 Communication failure
0x08 0x01 Communication timeout
0x08 0x02 Communication parity error
0x09 0x00 Track following error
0x0A 0x00 Error log overflow
0x0C 0x00 Write error
0x11 0x00 Unrecovered read error
0x11 0x01 Read retries exhausted
0x11 0x02 Error too long to correct
0x11 0x03 Multiple read errors
0x11 0x08 Incomplete block read
0x11 0x09 No gap found
0x11 0x0A Miscorrected error
0x14 0x00 Recorded entity not found
0x14 0x01 Record not found
0x14 0x02 Filemark/setmark not found
0x14 0x03 End-of-data not found
0x14 0x04 Block sequence error
0x15 0x00 Random positioning error
0x15 0x01 Mechanical positioning error
0x15 0x02 Read positioning error
0x17 0x00 No error correction applied
0x17 0x01 Recovered with retries
0x17 0x02 Recovered with positive head offset
0x17 0x03 Recovered with negative head offset
0x18 0x00 ECC applied
0x1A 0x00 Parameter list length error
0x1B 0x00 Synchronous data transfer error
0x20 0x00 Invalid operation code
0x21 0x00 Block out of range
0x21 0x01 Invalid element address
0x24 0x00 Invalid field in CDB
0x25 0x00 LUN not supported
0x26 00 0x26 0x01 Parameter not supported
0x26 0x02 Parameter value invalid
0x26 0x03 Threshold parameters not supported
0x27 0x00 Write protected
0x28 0x00 Not-ready to ready
0x28 0x01 Import/export element accessed
0x29 0x00 Power-on, reset, bus reset
0x2A 0x00 Parameters changed
0x2A 0x01 Mode parameters changed
0x2A 0x02 Log parameters changed
0x2B 0x00 Copy cannot execute
0x2C 0x00 Command sequence error
0x2D 0x00 Overwrite error on update
0x2F 0x00 Command cleared by initiator
0x30 0x00 Incompatible media
0x30 0x01 Media unknown format
0x30 0x02 Media incompatible format
0x30 0x03 Cleaning cartridge installed
0x31 0x00 Media format corrupted
0x33 0x00 Tape length error
0x37 0x00 Rounded parameter
0x39 0x00 Saving parameters not supported
0x3A 0x00 Medium not present
0x3B 0x00 Sequential positioning error
0x3B 0x01 Positioning error at BOT
0x3B 0x02 Positioning error at EOT
0x3B 0x08 Reposition error
0x3B 0x0D Medium destination element full
0x3B 0x0E Medium source element empty
0x3D 0x00 Invalid bits in message
0x3E 0x00 LUN not self-configured
0x3F 0x00 Operating conditions changed
0x3F 0x01 Microcode has been changed
0x3F 0x02 Changed operating definition
0x3F 0x03 Inquiry data has changed
0x3F 0x0E Reported LUNs data has changed
0x43 0x00 Message error
0x44 0x00 Internal target failure
0x45 0x00 Select/reselect failure
0x46 0x00 Unsuccessful soft reset
0x47 0x00 SCSI parity error
0x48 0x00 Initiator detected message received
0x49 0x00 Invalid message error
0x4A 0x00 Command phase error
0x4B 0x00 Data phase error
0x4C 0x00 LUN failed self-configuration
0x4E 0x00 Overlapped commands attempt
0x50 0x00 Write append error
0x50 0x01 Write append position error
0x50 0x02 Position error (timing)
0x51 0x00 Erase failure
0x52 0x00 Cartridge fault
0x53 0x00 Load/media eject failed
0x53 0x01 Unload tape failure
0x53 0x02 Media removal prevented
0x5A 0x00 Operator state changed
0x5A 0x01 Operator media removal
0x5A 0x02 Operator write protect
0x5A 0x03 Operator write permit
0x5B 0x00 Log exception
0x5B 0x01 Threshold condition met
0x5B 0x02 Log counter at maximum
0x5B 0x03 Log list codes exhausted

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