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Solaris mount failed: Device busy

Show current ZFS mounting:

# zfs mount

Force unmount ZFS:

# umount -f /zones/zone_name/mount/point

Mount from Global zone to non-global zone:

# mount -F zfs server/share /zones/zone_name/mount/point

mount failed: Device busy

Use ps to search what process is running on mount point:

# ps -ef | grep /mount/point | grep -v grep

user 5822 5706 0 22:02:52 pts/2 0:00 -sh
# kill -9 5822

Remount ZFS again:

# mount -F zfs server/share /zones/zone_name/mount/point

Mount legacy mount point:

# zfs set mountpoint=legacy server/share

# mount -F zfs server/share /zones/zone_name/mount/point

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