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Running process details in /proc

Show running PID 1 in /proc:

$ ls /proc/1

attr cpuset latency mountstats root statm
auxv cwd limits net sched status
cgroup environ loginuid numa_maps schedstat syscall
clear_refs exe maps oom_adj sessionid task
cmdline fd mem oom_score smaps wchan
comm fdinfo mountinfo pagemap stack
coredump_filter io mounts personality stat

* cmdline: Contains the command that started the process, with all its parameters.

* cwd: A symlink to the current working directory (CWD) for the process;
* exe: links to the process executable
* root: links to its root directory.
* environ: Shows all environment variables for the process.
* fd: Contains all file descriptors for a process, showing which files or devices it is using.
* maps, statm, and mem: Deal with the memory in use by the process.
* stat and status: Provide information about the status of the process,
but the latter is far clearer than the former.

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