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The metastat command displays the current status for each metadevice (including stripes, concatenations, concatenations of stripes, mirrors, RAID5, and trans devices) or hot spare pool, or of specified metadevices or hot spare pools.

metastat – display status for metadevice or hot spare pool
metastat [ -s setname ] [ -p ] [ -t ] [ metadevice… ] [ hot_spare_pool… ]

# metastat -h

Displays usage message.

Displays the list of active metadevices and hot spare pools in a format like

-s setname
Specifies the name of the diskset on which metastat will work. Using the -s option will
cause the command to perform its administrative function within the specified diskset.
Without this option, the command will perform its function on metadevices and/or
hot spare pools in the local diskset.

Prints the current status and timestamp for the specified metadevices and hot spare pools.
The timestamp provides the date and time of the last state change.

Displays the status of the specified metadevice(s). If a trans metadevice is specified,
the status of the master and log devices is also displayed.

Displays the status of the specified hot spare pool(s).

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