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Failed disk in Solaris

To diagnose the problem:
From Solaris OS :

# format

# iostat -En
# iostat -en
-e Display device error summary statistics. The
total errors, hard errors, soft errors, and
transport errors are displayed.
-E Display all device error statistics.
-n Display names in descriptive format. For example,
cXtYdZ, rmt/N, server:/export/path.

Check messages file (/var/adm/messages) .

Is this disk managed by any Volume Manager? (VxVM, SDS/SVM)?

For disks running under Solstice Disk Suite/Solaris Volume Manager:

# metadb -i

# metastat -t

For disks running under Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM):

# vxprint -Ath

# vxdisk list


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