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Repair DNS root hints in Windows server 2003

The Cache.dns file that stores root hints on your Windows Server 2003-based computer may be missing or damaged.

To copy and backup Cache.dns file
To rename and replace the Cache.dns file in the %SystemRoot%\System32\Dns folder with the backup Cache.dns file:

1. Start > Run > cmd (ENTER)
2. net stop dns (ENTER) (Stop DNS service)
3. cd %systemroot%\Sytem32\Dns
ren cache.dns cache.old
copy backup\cache.dns

To copy Cache.dns from the Windows Server 2003 CD

1. Start > Run > cmd (ENTER)
3. cd i386
expand cache.dn_ %systemroot%\System32\Dns\Cache.dns
4. net start dns

On a domain controller
To update root hints on a Windows Server 2003-based DNS server that is configured as a domain controller:

1. Start > Administrative Tools > DNS
2. Right pane > right-click ServerName > Properties
3. Click the Root Hints tab
4. Copy the root hints from another DNS server.
click Copy from Server > specify the IP address of the DNS server where you
want to copy the root hints from > OK
5. Click OK.


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