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YUM – Yellow Dog Updater

YUM use in Redhat, Fedora, Centos. YUM is powerful software utility used to automatically update and install/remove rpm packages.

Keep the Yum cache for future use:

$ vi /etc/yum.conf


Yum cache directory:


Yum install fastest mirror:

$ yum install yum-fastestmirror

Only install security update:

$ yum install yum-security

$ yum --security update

Skip broken dependency:

$ yum install yum-skipbroken

$ yum --skip-broken update

Lists the packages that are not installed but available:

$ yum list php

Lists updates that are available for the installed packages:

$ yum list updates php

Lists all the installed packages:

$ yum list installed php

Install php:

$ yum install php

Remove php:

$ yum remove php

Update php:

$ yum update php

Info php:

$ yum info php

yum whatprovides [file name]:

$ yum whatprovides /usr/bin/php

Group install:

$ yum groupinstall "Development Tools"

$ yum groupinstall "Development Libraries"

Group list:

$ yum grouplist "Development Tools"

Group remove:

$ yum groupremove "Development Tools"

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