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RPM – RPM Package Manager

RPM use in Redhat, Fedora, Suse, Centos.

Using RPM to Install Packages:

$ rpm -ivh package.rpm

* i – install
* v – verbose
* h – hash

Using RPM to Upgrade Packages:

$ rpm -Uvh package.rpm

* U – Upgrade

Using RPM to Erase Packages:

$ rpm -ev package.rpm

* e – erase

Using RPM to Query installed Packages:

$ rpm -qa | grep -i package

* q – query
* a – all

Display all recently installed rpm:

$ rpm -qa --last

Display thunderbird installed info:

$ rpm -qi thunderbird

* i – Display detail

Find out what dependencies a rpm file need:

$ rpm -qpR package.rpm 

* p – Package

Verify all installed package:

$ rpm -Va

RPM Database


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